Ninos Service Centre

We are a trained and authorized service centre and continuously update on our knowledge, engineering bulletins, special tools and original parts required for all the life support products we represent, in order to keep them at their best and their manufacturer warranty valid.

Scubapro service centre: We would like to remind you (if you are a Scubapro product owner) that only a Scubapro authorized service centre can repair or advise on Scubapro products.  If you are far away, please contact us and we will advise you on your nearest Scubapro authorized service centre.

Cylinder inspection & testing: We visually inspect cylinders to today's highest standards - the PSI/PCI and C.G.A. standards.  All our Inspectors are qualified PSI/PCI Inspectors and we are also a PSI/PCI training centre.  In addition, we have hydrostatic testing facilities and use the water jacket method which is considered the best for testing scuba cylinders.

Cylinder filling station: We are proud of the quality of the air we produce and have the best method to test it with our IMAS controller (in-line monitor analyzer system) which continuously tests the air prior to it arriving at your cylinder. We fill tanks with DIN or international valves and up to 300bar pressure for those certified for. 

N.B.  We only fill cylinders with a current visual inspection of Ninos Service Centre.

Nitrox filling station: We fill nitrox compatible cylinders up to EAN40 by using the pre-mix method.

If you are a customer of ours and have forgotten when you last serviced your equipment, contact us and let us know your name, the brand/model and serial number of your product and we will inform you.

Diving Centres: We are available to assist you with technical support, advice and training of all our products, including HP compressors and Nitrox systems.

A message from our technicians:

Do not wait until the last minute to bring in your equipment for service. 

We only have two hands and our job involves much detail and responsibility.

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