VMC PECHE is proud to have sustained hook production at its factory in France for 100 years, but today its reach is global, covering 70 countries in all five continents of the world. The US subsidiary, VMC INC was formed in 1981.

It was in 1910 that VMC’s illustrious heritage in hook production began at its ironworks in Grandvillars, but the origins of the family-owned company actually go further back than even that – much further in fact.

It was in 1796 that the Viellard family appointed Jean-Baptiste Migeon as Manager of its steel forge. When in 1835 Jean-Baptiste’s daughter married Juvenal Viellard their initials were combined to form VMC. And so it was that in 1996, Viellard Migeon and Company, the Family Holding Company, joined the ‘Henokiens’, an exclusive group of 200-year-old family businesses.