GO Traveling. GO Diving. GO Snorkeling.
Manufacturer: SCUBAPRO
€59.00 incl tax
€55.00 incl tax
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GO FIN, barefoot design for super comfort easy of use although can accommodate neoprene socks for divers who prefer extra foot protection  

Lightweight, comfortable, durable, and a fast and nimble performer, the GO is the ideal fin for divers, snorkelers and swimmers who enjoy globe-trekking.  Nothing compares to the GO when integrating high quality with light weight.  A pair of size M-L GO fins weighs 1.2 kg, including bungee straps.

Ultra Durable: While extremely comfortable, the GO is also virtually indestructible. Its strong 100 percent Monprene® construction.  This enables the GO to stand up to long-term, heavy-duty use.

High Performance: The GO fin excels in strength, comfort and convenience, but where it really shines is in kicking performance. The GO is built with a 25-degree pre-angled blade with a Central Power Panel that provides longitudinal rigidity and creates a channeling effect. Power Bars on the underside of the rails prevent overflex; this helps maintain the optimum angle.